Ducilla and dennis


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One thought on “Ducilla and dennis

  1. Ducilla and dennis, a union of proportion and a marriage of necessity………..

    As a photographer Ducilla believes his mental state is directly tied to a visualization of the world around him.

    As a writer I am just dennis..No more or less.

    I try to connect the two in my mind but find the task a contradiction at times.The simple dennis is full of emotion and awe.The photographer Ducilla is concerned with F-stops and exposures,with DOF and composition, and a myriad of technical equipment that can, (at least at times,) complete the assigned task.

    The two disconnected parts of my brain are in constant turmoil ,left brain vs.right brain? My emotional response to a certain beauty my eyes record is to slow down and simply enjoy the beauty, try not to interact but try to ….experience…. the essence ,the soul, of that moment .

    My right brain is reaching for the camera bag as my left side is enjoying this moment ,constantly..

    How can I achieve happiness in this impossible situation?..

    How can I truly enjoy the moment that is exclusively mine as a gift from nature? With this constant battle raging ,it is a frustration that I feel in my heart, in my soul?…

    My response to this conundrum was to begin to keep a journal.A recording of my feelings and emotions ..

    The journal is the real dennis..The heart and soul of the simple me.

    I gave in to the Ducilla photographer with the absolute knowledge that the right side will record that moment in all of its glory for the simple dennis to re-live over and over again..

    This WIN/win solution was a armistice made in every fiber of my being.Ducilla is happy with the intense learning curve of the increasing ISO ratings and the advanced HDR capabilities whereas dennis can look at a moment in time much like he would if time had stopped still for him and him alone..

    Dennis is complete, the marriage of Ducilla and dennis is a union made in the wake of a impossible situation with a peaceful conclusion!!!

    The point of this little expose’ is to let the two readers who are still not asleep, that my writing is directly connected to my images.

    I am not a writer in the truest sense. I think(and believe) that the writing is more a way to explain myself to me?.

    I write as I think and am sure that the syntax and punctuation are all totally wrong,much like my mind….

    You will understand my writing if you look at the Ducilla images first(or last?..) Or perhaps you will understand my images if you read the dennis writings first(or last?)

    …. All of this typing and emotion is being slowly organized into a book that hopefully will let others know how to heal the wounds created by the left/right war in our brains…Titled “The Epitaph of a Addicted Photographer”. It really is a guide to photography with feeling, or potentially a guide to feelings with photography…At least I hope ?Or I hope at least….….Dennis


    Just me…. by ducilla

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